Founded:                     1958.

Headquarters:             Unknown.

Specialized in:             Toothpaste.



Marvis was originally registered by Earl Franco Cella Di Revara in Florence, Italy, in 1958.

The company’s biggest period was during the ‘70s, when it became know for particularly effective for smokers.


After the hype of smoking downed down, Marvis faded in popularity until it was bought by Ludovico Martelli SRL in 1997. Martelli, which also originated in Florence, began as a cosmetics company in 1908.


In recent days Marvis has become populair again, when connecting to the menswear sphere. In an interview with Marvis by performed by Highsnobiety, the question arose;

“Why do you think Marvis has connected with the menswear market?”

The answer was: “Because Marvis is FASHION.”