Luigi Bianchi Mantova

Founded:                     1911

Headquarters:             231 Viale Fiume, 55, 46100, Mantova, Italy

Specialized in:             Custom Suits, Clothing.



In 1898, 16 year old Luigi Bianchi set off from the Italian province of Mantova bound for Turin, the storied capital of northern Italy’s tradition of master tailoring, after Turin he went to Milan to learn more about the secrets of the tailoring trade.


He got married and not long after that in 1911 he founded his shop; “Primaria Santoria Luigi Bianchi – menswear and women’s dresses and suits” opens at 11, Via Pietro Fortunato Calvi, in Mantova. He advertised in the newspaper. In 1911 he also sees the birth of Edgardo Bianchi, who would stay in the company until 2002.


The company grew to about 400 employees in 1936, and introduced the ‘LUIGI BIANCHI INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION’, the result of a long process of specialisation and innovation promoted by Edgardo.


In the years following after LUBIAM expanded it’s business internationally.

In 2011 the company celebrated its 100th anniversary: ‘a century of work an success dedicated to the Excellence of Made in Italy’.


The enthusiasm of the origins are handed down from father to son: today, the fourth generation of the Bianchi family is taking on the role of growing and innovating the company, while keeping intact its spirit and roots.