Jacques Britt

Founded:                     1969.

Headquarters:             Germany.

Specialized in:             Clothing.



Jacques Britt was founded in 1969 by Gerd Seidensticker in Bielefeld.

Through their affiliation with the Seidensticker consortium, one of the most famous shirt menufacturers in Europe, Jacques Britt profits from more than 100 years of shirt tradition and expertise. (Seidensticker was founded in 1919 by Walter Seidensticker.)


Brand story.

Genuinely engaging with other people and cultures is central to an attitude that reaches out across borders and barriers. Jacques Britt is a homage to tolerance and diversity. Anyone with a feel for queality, the elegantly casual and sustainable value is in tune with the times. Style is a way of saying something without speaking, and what you wear is a deeper expression of who you are.


Stylishly elegant and effortlessly casual top-quality and international. Innovative and traditional. Jacques Britt takes a European approach to creating shirts and blouses.


Jacques Britt exclusivly uses frabrics made by European weavers. Because: “We are committed Europeans” As they state in their own words.