Gran Sasso

Founded:                     1952.

Headquarters:             S. Egidio alla Vibrata, Italy.

Specialized in:             Clothing.



What started as a small family business, rather quickly came together as a true iconic international label, with Made in Italy authenticity at its heart.

Driven and inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of four brothers Nello, Eraldo, Alceo and Fancesco Di Stefano, their journey began back in 1952 in the small Italian village of Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata, south of the border between Marche and Abruzzo.


Later the company graduatly expanded it’s business moving to a new main building where all processes were merged together, the vision of the Di Stefano brothers really comes together as they made succes within both domestically and international markets, and managed to solidi-fy a consistent and respected global brand identity.


Today Maglificio Gran Sasso ranks as one of the leading players in the productions of both knit and casual wear. High quality products are guaranteed by expert sartorial crafsmanship

Every product is handmade to become an exclusive and distinguishable item.