Founded:                     1891.

Headquarters:             Milan.

Specialized in:             Ties.



In Milan, during the industrious Belle Epoque. (La Belle époque, means ‘The beautiful era’)

Attilio Fumagalli, driven by the desire to create a high quality product, and with a great family textile tradition, started the production of ties in gauze and dressing gowns in silk.


The company is specialized in premium handmade ties and scarves, pocket squares and bandana foulards.


Later during the 1900’s the company graduatly expanded its field and followed the latest trends in fashion accordingly.


Due to constant experimentation the company lead to the creation of a special patent: “THE GOLD TWILL”. Colors more ‘lively’, well-outlined designs and softner. Alberto and Mario Fumagalli register the method to print the soft silk twill instead of the more common used; ‘Crepe de chine’.