Fratelli Borgioli

Founded:                     1946.

Headquarters:             Unknown.

Specialized in:             Shoes.



Two brothers Renè and Valerio survived during the second world war thanks to their craft of shoemakers. After war the Borgioli brothers came back to their native town; ‘Vinci’ in the province of Florence.


Being returned to their native town, they founded a small artisanal workshop. Resourcefulness, creativity and devotion were the basic principles of their work that allowed them to maintain and produce high quality footwear.


In the 80’s the second generation of the Borgioli family, represented by Urbano and Alfredina, joined the family business. The shoe factory graduatly began to grow.

Not only collections under the Fratelli Borgioli brand, but they also created collections for many other fashion brands. The Fratelli Borgioli factory began to be recognized for its quality, reliability and customer care.


Nowadays the factory is run by the third generation of the Borgioli family, this generation managed to maintain and praize 70 years of experience and tradition in the field of luxury men footwear.


From small artisanal workshop to innovative factory, Fratelli Borgioli looks at the future, remaining faithful to its origins.